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Learn About the Different Types of Jobs

The types of jobs you can get for remote working are varied and are actually available in every type of industry.

Working remotely allows you to live anywhere in the world or to even travel full-time and still continue to earn an income. This flexibility of work environment and location allows companies to hire the best worker, regardless of location. It also allows workers the chance to balance life and work more effectively and to choose where to live, rather than needing to live near an office in order to commute every day.

The types of jobs you can do remotely are all based on the use of modern technology. If you have a solid grasp of digital tools, then you should be able to find a job you can do without needing to be on-site for work. This could include writing, editing, transcribing, graphic designing, web development or design, and so much more. The variety is truly endless.

You can choose the type of work you like to do and are good at doing, and then start building a career from there. You might be able to be a full-time remote employee or you can choose to freelance and work for yourself, choosing a variety of clients to work with along the way.

Types of Remote Jobs

The types of remote jobs you could do include anything done on a digital platform. If you use your computer to do the vast majority of your work, then you can likely work remotely. Working remotely could mean simply working from home nearby the office, without having to go into work every day.

It could also mean, however, that you can choose to work from a beachfront bar in another country. Due to technology, you can be anywhere with an Internet connection and still accomplish your work goals. The following are all types of jobs that could be done remotely, which are very popular options for workers today.

Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

Remote freelance writing jobs are available for those with good writing skills in any industry and from anywhere in the world. As a freelancer, you could work with a variety of clients in a variety of industries to try out different types of writing. Once you have solid experience and have mastered a specific type of writing, you can begin charging higher rates for your work and specializing in a certain niche. This can be a lucrative career, especially for those who work in technical writing or in freelance journalism.

Starting out as a freelance writer, you will likely need to be flexible and creative in who you work with and the type of writing you do. The flexibility of this type of work grants you the option of living in a low cost of living area, which can help as you build your career. Finding out the various types of freelance writing and how you could start building your client base can help you to become a successful freelance writer over time.

Remote Transcription Jobs

Remote transcription jobs are an excellent way to work from anywhere in the world on a part-time basis, or even full-time while choosing the types of projects you want to do. Transcription is the process of typing up the recording of any speech, which could include business meetings, podcasts, financial reports and even doctor-patient interactions.

The type of transcription job you can get at the beginning of your career is likely in general data entry, unless you have specialist industry knowledge. If you already work in a law firm, for example, then you could take on legal transcription with industry insight and get paid better for this type of work.

Working remotely always has its pros and cons, so be sure you understand how to do this particular work effectively and how you can build a career through transcription done remotely.

Remote Web Design Jobs

Remote web design jobs offer a worker the opportunity to live anywhere while doing work online. Building websites and improving the User Experience (UX) by employing proper design and utility is a required skill for every company these days. Having a website is essentially a requirement for every industry now, so web design skills are in high demand.

Web design jobs can vary in their scope and in their price points, so you will need to build your portfolio in order to be a successful freelance designer, if that is the path you take. Alternatively, you could be a full-time employee at a company as their web designer, earning a full salary while working remotely.

Remember that, if you work for a company, you might be required to work specific hours and days each week. With the increase in remote work, however, many companies are comprised of entirely remote staff and therefore understand time zone differences and offer increased flexibility.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are being used by more and more companies and individuals around the world. A VA can do anything a regular, office-based assistant would do. However, a VA could also be a specialist and offer a specific skillset. For example, some VAs will specialize in photo and video editing or production, while also managing social media profiles and blog posts. Some might specialize in bookkeeping and accounting, while others could do more personal tasks like booking travel and arranging appointments.

A VA can work from anywhere in the world for anyone in the world, which makes this job a growing market option. Having basic office skills and very good digital skills can make you a viable candidate for this type of role. In general, a VA is successful when understanding the needs of the client and efficiently managing those tasks to enable the client to focus on other, more important tasks.

VAs can work exclusively for one client, although it is more common to have several clients and to offer a set number of hours per week or per month for each client’s needs. There is no special certification or education required for this type of work, but your testimonials from clients and referrals to more clients should serve as proof of your qualifications over time.