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Learn About Popular Part Time Jobs

Millions of Americans earn their income from part time jobs across the country.

Some workers rely on the income earned at the part time job as their sole income while others use a part time job to supplement income earned elsewhere. Part time work is becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to try out different career paths or simply earn some extra cash. Also, the number of part time positions available has increased in many different industries.

Applicants who are interested in looking into part time work should note that it is important to consider many different factors when getting a part time job. To learn more about popular part time jobs available today, continue reading.

Entry-Level Part-Time Work

There are many part time jobs that you can easily secure with no experience necessary. These jobs are frequently labeled “entry level,” meaning that anyone can apply without needing any prior experience or training. These positions are great if you wish to try out a different field by gaining experience on the job.

Many entry level jobs also provide all necessary training so that you can be successful in that position. A few part-time entry-level jobs you can apply for include the following:

Salesman/saleswoman – There are almost always a plethora of sales jobs available. While some require business degrees or years of experience, there are also many entry-level positions available as well. Whether it is phone sales or in person sales, working as a salesman or saleswoman can be very educational and it can also provide a very good income as well.

Babysitter Babysitting has been a popular way to earn money for years. Although some experience taking care of children is preferable, it is not required in all situations. Mothers and siblings who have experience caring for children can easily get part time work babysitting as it is always in demand.

Tutor Do you speak a second language? Are you good at math? Do you play an instrument? If you have any skills you are confident with, you may be able to teach those skills to others and earn some extra cash.

Waiter – Working as a server at a restaurant requires no previous experience as all training can be done at the job. Many waiters earn a decent living from the tips they receive.

Customer service representative – Working in customer service can help you to build up your resume as customer service skills are very important in nearly every job. You may even be able to find customer service work that you can do at home. This is especially helpful for parents of young children or anyone who would prefer the convenience of working from home.

Bank teller Bank tellers at banks and credit unions can usually make a good starting wage with no experience required. Working as a bank teller can also provide you with bookkeeping and customer service experience as well.

Social event worker Festivals and expos frequently need to hire local workers to sell tickets, set up the booths or manage crowds. These jobs are usually very short-term but can provide some good money without needing a long commitment.

Part Time Work with Experience Needed

While many part time jobs require no experience or college education in order to obtain them, there are many part time jobs that do require experience. Some of these jobs require you to have certain qualifications before you can apply.

This is great if you have special skills or education in an area that you would like to put to use. This is also beneficial if you want to continue working in your field of expertise but would prefer a more flexible schedule with less hours.

It is important to consider what type of experience is needed when you apply for these jobs so that you can ensure you are qualified before spending time applying. A few part time jobs that require some experience include the following:

Dental hygienist – Becoming a dental hygienist requires earning a certificate through a hygienist education program that typically lasts around two years. After you have completed your training, you can find flexible and rewarding work in being a dental hygienist. Also, most hygienists earn an impressive income of an average of $32 an hour.

Graphic designer – If you are good with computer technology and have experience designing and editing graphics on the computer, you may find success in being a graphic designer. Most designer jobs offer some level of flexibility.

School bus driver – You may be able to earn decent money driving school busses after you obtain your Commercial Drivers License with the school bus endorsement in your state. Bus drivers typically work less than 20 hours a week and earn approximately $15 per hour.

Phlebotomist – If you are comfortable around blood and needles, you can get phlebotomist training completed and within a short period of time, you can work for a doctor’s office or blood drive organization. State licensure is require for all positions, but it can be obtained fairly quickly.

Massage therapist – As long as you have training and licensing in massage therapy, you can start off a part time career as a massage therapist. This work can be done in a spa, a clinic, your home or the home of your clients, and the pay can range from approximately $11 to $58 per hour.

Fitness instructor – Working as a fitness instructor can be very rewarding if you are an active person. Teaching a yoga class or working as a personal trainer can be done part time, with just a few hours spent each day. You must be certified before you can instruct, but that process can typically be completed quickly, and you can start earning good money fast.