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How to Find Work-from-Home Jobs

Blogs, forums, job listing websites and other resources can help you find a variety of work-from-home jobs available in your area.

You should use a combination of all types of resources to ensure that remote jobs you find offer you the pay, hours and benefits you are looking for (if applicable).

While you are responsible for performing the job searches by using these resources, the resources make finding jobs easier and faster.

Regardless of the type of remote job you are searching for, the work-from-home resources outlined in the sections below enable you to search for jobs in nearly any field.

However, you must know how to check the credibility of job resources before you apply for any open position.

Although some sites may prompt you to submit an application, you should always try to apply for positions through the job poster’s main website.

How to Find Work on Listing Websites

There are countless job listing websites for remote workers that let you focus your search based on different parameters such as your location, preferred salary, ideal job type (e.g., part-time) and desired industry.

A simple internet search will reveal some of the many job listing websites. Each website is designed to make finding and applying for work straightforward, allowing you to upload your resume and cover letter to the site, save jobs and review a shortened job description to make the job application process even faster.

If you give some sites permission, they can make your resume and cover letter visible to potential employers. This way, employers may contact you about a new position before you even find it on the site.

Recruiters often use job listing sites to find new employees, so the sites are invaluable for remote workers looking for new job opportunities.

Because most job listing sites include both onsite and remote jobs, you should check your search filters to make sure you are only receiving search results for remote positions.

Typically, job listing sites will use the words “remote,” “telecommuting” or “work from home” positions, so be sure to look for those words.

Once you have located a job that sounds promising, you should thoroughly read the post to learn the job requirements for the role.

Many remote jobs may require you to work within a specific state or city to be eligible for employment while others may be labeled as remote jobs but have an onsite component.

You should utilize multiple job listing sites to increase your chances of finding the right job, and you are encouraged to check the sites regularly for updates.

Job listings may not last long, so you need to be ready to respond to potential employers about a position.

How to Find Remote Job Forums

A job forum is an open, online discussion about available jobs. Job forums can grant you great information about upcoming jobs even before they are posted on traditional job listing sites.

Forum contributors may include professionals in a particular field, interested job seekers and job recruiters hoping to hire new employees.

However, because job forums are often free and unmonitored, they may not provide the most accurate information.

You are advised to use caution when interacting with a potential employer on a job forum and to refrain from submitting personal documents such as resumes or cover letters on the site as they may be visible to everyone on the forum.

You should not only check the legitimacy of potential employers on the forum but also the legitimacy of job offers before applying for a remote position.

To use a job forum, you may need to sign up as a member of the site to gain access to posts and contact information for other members of the forum.

If you have specific work skills or work requests, then you may choose to start your own forum post that explains the type of work experience you have.

Other forum members may respond to your original post if they have suggestions you can use to improve your skills or if they have potential job leads you may be interested in.

Work-from-home jobs, like most other jobs, usually require you to have a decent professional network that you can develop on job forums.

Online job boards on forums like these can be generalized or related to a specific type of remote job such as transcription or translation. Looking for job-specific forums can help narrow your job search and reduce the amount of time you may spend reading through forum posts.

How to Find Work-from-Home Blogs

Blogging websites, consisting mostly of personal websites created by professionals in the field, can be great sources of information for individuals seeking remote job opportunities.

Bloggers in remote positions may post about their favorite job listing sites or promote a company that is currently hiring remote workers.

To follow a blog about working from home, all you need to do is to find a blogger whose opinion you value and trust and join his or her email list by signing up to receive email notifications about future blog posts.

Typically, bloggers do not charge you for reading blog posts.

Unlike other job-finding sources, blogs can give you advice on how to make a living as a remote worker or what kinds of challenges you can expect to encounter when you begin to work from home.

Most bloggers who blog about working remotely have personal experience working from home and can offer you firsthand knowledge.

While few blogs point you in the direction of remote positions, you can learn everything you need to know to fully devote your time toward finding the right work from home job for you.

Blogs can be great resources for anyone interested in pursuing a work-from-home career, especially if they are not entirely sure that securing a remote job is the next step they should take.