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Helpful Work from Home Resources

Starting any job, whether a remote or in-person position, may require you to find various resources to help you succeed.

However, a work-from-home career requires special types of resources to ensure the employee maintains a consistent amount of work and can complete it well and in a timely manner.

Freelancers working in home offices or even rented office spaces can benefit from finding resources that can manage their phone calls, emails and finances to help save them time.

Because freelancers rely on other businesses or individuals to receive work assignments, resources and applications that match freelancers with available jobs can also be beneficial.


Whether you need help sticking to a work schedule or you just need to find a new platform that gives you some extra work, there are plenty of resources meant for remote workers from social media sites to phone apps.


There are plenty of benefits of working from home, but there are also plenty of issues that may arise when you are a remote worker.

Certain resources can make working from home more enjoyable, productive and rewarding. While these resources cannot do your work for you, it can make working easier.

You should determine which resources are right for you and your needs and begin using them regularly.

Freelance Bidding Websites

Bidding websites can increase your likelihood of getting hired for freelance projects such as writing, editing, translating, etc.

Even if you already have a reliable source of income as a freelancer, bidding websites allow you to increase your total workload whenever you have extra time in your schedule, which means a bigger paycheck.

Simple Google searches can reveal great bidding websites that enable you to upload your resume, samples of your work, links to your professional website or social media accounts and information about you as a freelancer.

The details you provide in your online profile can help clients choose the right freelancer for the job based off of his or her skills, experience and areas of interest. Additionally, clients will want select a freelancer who charges a reasonable amount.

After you enter your information, you may immediately start bidding on different projects that pique your interest. For instance, if you are a skilled writer, you may want to bid on a ghost-writing job opportunity.

To bid, you may need to create a sales pitch explaining why you are right for the position, introduce yourself to the potential client and contact the client to place a bid (or, the amount of money you would like to charge for the completion of the job or task).

Often, bids are offered based on hourly or daily work periods, but freelancers may also charge clients by word or charge one flat sum. The client will respond to the bid if he or she believes you may be right for the job.

However, freelance bidding websites will ask you to give a general price range for your services rather than a set fee.

This way, you can more easily negotiate an appropriate price when you speak with the client. Before placing a bid on a freelance website, you should determine how much you need to charge clients to make a profit from this project and how much your skills are worth.

Social Media

Although social media is not often considered a work resource, remote employees can utilize social media platforms like Facebook,

Instagram and LinkedIn to create a professional online presence that attracts potential clients and demonstrates your unique abilities as a freelancer.

Not only can you use social media to promote yourself and your personal brand, but you can also rely on social media to find new job opportunities, network with authorities in your industry and learn how to develop your skills to make yourself even more employable.

You can follow as many users as you would like to expand your virtual network and get notified about open positions as soon as they become available.

Also, if you work to keep your platforms updated and detailed, then you can use your social media as an online work portfolio with your resume, CV, job history and special certifications.

For designers and writers working from home, displaying your artwork or writing on Instagram or a blog site can be instrumental in helping you find work.

Some social media websites even give employers the ability to reach out to you directly if they feel as though you are qualified for a position.

Making yourself accessible through social media to clients and employers interested in the type of freelance work you do can open up tons of opportunities for you, and maintaining an online presence is already a responsibility for most freelancers.

Phone Apps

Remote workers may struggle to focus on their work, stick to or create a work schedule and find suitable places to work outside of the home when you need a change of pace. Luckily, many apps that you can download on your phone can help you solve some of these problems.

For example, some phone applications can find public places near you with Wi-Fi, accessible outlets and quiet work spaces. Other apps rank locations based on their noise level and overall environment to help remote workers find the ideal workspace.

If you need to be in constant communication with your employer or coworkers as a remote worker, communication apps may be right for you. These types of phone apps allow you to stay connected no matter where you are and to more easily coordinate freelance assignments and deadlines.

These apps can make long-distance collaboration a breeze whether you choose to communicate via text messages, video calls or voice calls.

File storing apps are other options for freelance workers who may have trouble keeping track of their documents. The apps can keep your work safe and organized in the cloud, making it accessible on any electronic device.

When using one of these apps, you can be sure your files are secure even if they are accidentally deleted from your phone, computer or tablet.

Maintaining your personal and professional records is much easier if all your documents are in the same place, thanks to these phone apps.