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Your Guide to Unemployment & Searching for Jobs Online

Finding job search resources that are effective and helpful can save you endless frustration while finding a job.

Searching for a job can be stressful, whether you are searching for something better while still employed or looking for a job while unemployed.

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The search itself is as important as the application and interview process, so be sure to employ the same level of interest and ambition in this early stage.

Finding the right job for you can improve your life in so many ways. A job is not merely a financial opportunity, it is also where you spend a large portion of every week for years at a time.

You should search for the right role at the right company in an industry that interests you.

The time you spend working will determine many important factors in your life, from your finances to your overall happiness and health.

Be sure to spend the appropriate amount of time searching for and finding the right opportunity for you.

How to Document Your Job Search

While looking for a new job online, you will undoubtedly come across countless potential opportunities that pique your interest.

Some might not be a perfect fit, others might seem too good to be true. Wherever a job description falls on your scale, you should carefully track and monitor all of your interactions with a job opening.

You can learn more about online job searches here.

As you search online, you should keep track of the many job openings that interest you by bookmarking them or by creating a file with links to the openings and important details, such as application closing dates.

A spreadsheet is a great way to start monitoring these openings, as well as tracking your applications as you submit them.

A great job application is catered to the role and company where you are applying, so it takes time to carefully write these application documents.

Your resume and cover letter should be written specifically for each application, using keywords and phrases recognized by the company.

Applying for jobs is time-consuming, so be sure to document this search and stay organized so you know where you applied, when and how you submitted an application.

Starting with a simple way to track the jobs of interest to you in a spreadsheet can help you to continue tracking the status of those jobs throughout the process.

Finally, documenting your job search can be an important step in qualifying for and receiving unemployment benefits.

You will be required to be actively seeking employment, so this type of tracking system is a great way to prove that.

How to Search for Jobs Online

Searching for jobs online is the most efficient way to find openings in your industry. As technology continues to improve, dedicated job listing websites are able to narrow down the results to show you the exact roles and responsibilities that might apply to your skill set.

This is helpful as individual companies might use different titles, which could preclude them from a general search option.

Searching for jobs online saves you time and money, since you do not need to visit companies in person with printed resumes in the hopes they have an opening. Online searches can be done from home or from your local library, limiting your need to travel.

You can even apply for multiple relevant jobs in a single day, which would not be possible if you needed to visit companies in person.

Something to keep in mind with online job searches is that the ease of application also increases the number of total applicants for any position.

Online job applications enable potential employees from a much wider geographic area to apply, so a single role could receive thousands of applications. This means the importance of a great resume grows with the number of applicants for any one role.

How to Work With Recruiters

Recruiters work with companies and with job seekers to match the best candidate to an open position. Typically, a company hires a recruiter to find the best candidate, with the recruiter’s compensation being based upon the successful hiring of a new member of staff.

This motivates a recruiter to find the right candidate to fit into the company culture.

Working with recruiters is the right choice for some candidates, but not for everyone. There are certain industries where recruiters tend to be more prevalent, as well as higher-level positions within companies often utilizing recruiting agencies.

If you think a recruiter can help you in your job search, then be sure to reach out. Always have honest conversations with the recruiter so you can both benefit from the interaction.

It does not benefit you to lie about your experience or career goals, as those will be found out during the application process and could waste both your time and the recruiter’s time.

Little-Known Job Search Tips

Job search tips are available from a wide variety of online resources, as well as from local resources like your community library. Getting job search tips can help you to most efficiently search for and successfully get a new job.

Just remember that finding a job can be a stressful experience, but you can make it easier on yourself by learning and employing the best tactics to improve your chances of finding the right job for you.

Some little-known job search tips include topics that you are probably already familiar with, but specific ideas to maximize those opportunities. The could include ideas for making the most of your networking opportunities.

As technology improves and job searches are done online, many applicants forget to utilize their own personal and professional networks.

Knowing someone who works at a company can give you an upper hand in the application process, so do not forget those connections you might have built over decades of work.

Another job search tip is to continue honing your resume and cover letter.

Whether you are currently employed or not, you should regularly review your resume to ensure you have included the most up-to-date and important information.

The resume and cover letter should not be identical copies sent to multiple different companies. You should always adjust your application information so it applies directly to the open position that you are applying to get.

Staying on top of resume trends and learning more job search tips can help you to have a successful job search, so be sure to do your research and employ those tactics. You can learn about current resume trends here.