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Real Estate Careers

Real estate careers have the potential to be some of the highest paying jobs.

Real estate jobs require several different skills. For many real estate agents, one of the biggest perks of the job is self-employment. New real estate agents typically work with an existing real estate agency, as it normally takes a great deal of time for real estate agents to build a client base on their own.

Real estate careers not only usually pay well, but it can be emotionally rewarding to work with individuals and families to find their dream home. Many real estate agents develop a bond with their clients, which can act as an excellent motivator to work hard.

Requirements for Real Estate Careers

The educational requirements to become a real estate agent depend on the state in which you work. If you work for a real estate agency, you may have to meet additional educational requirements. No matter where you live, you must become certified by passing both a state and national licensing exam. Even after you earn your certification, you should be willing to perform additional research and stay up to date with any changes in housing rules and regulations.

Real estate agents primarily work alone, even if they are part of an agency. Because of this, self-motivation is an important part of being a successful real estate agent.

Education Requirements

Some standard educational requirements exist to work in real estate. You must usually have at least a high school diploma before you become a real estate agent. Most students pursue either a two-year or four-year real estate degree before starting their careers.

In addition to real-estate degrees, some real estate agents take classes relating to finance, economics, statistics or business. You are not usually required to take any legal classes to be a real estate agent, but you must have a basic understanding of housing rules and regulations for your state. Real estate classes are taught at most universities, but several online courses are available as well.

Personality Qualities and Interests

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you should not only be self-motivated, but have good social skills as well. To find work, you must reach out to clients. Take your client’s needs and apply them to the housing market. Your success as a real estate agent depends entirely on how happy your clients are during the process.

Real estate agents do not have a typical salary, as they typically get paid a percentage of a housing sale. If you have unhappy clients, they might not purchase a home from you, so you might not earn a commission. Having happy clients is important because real estate agents commonly rely on personal recommendations to reach new clients. The more clients you successfully help, the better your odds are of finding additional work.

Communication skills are necessary to reach sellers. As a real estate agent, you often act as a middleman between your clients and the housing market. Expect to go back and forth between your clients and a property seller before settling on a deal.

Perseverance is often an important trait for real estate agents. With most clients, you go through multiple homes before the clients finally settle on a location. This may take weeks and involve speaking with over a dozen property sellers.

You cannot get discouraged if your clients are not happy with the first few homes you show them. Even if you spend days negotiating with a property manager, your client may decide to go with an entirely different home. Do not become discouraged, and do not get mad at your clients if this happens.

Real estate jobs do not always follow traditional business patterns. A good trait to succeed as a real estate agent is flexibility. You must be willing to change your schedule and working preferences to match your clients.

Judgment is important as well. You must be able to tell clients when a deal is going to fall through with a property seller. Similarly, you must be willing to judge when clients are asking you for too much. If you know you are not going to find a home for your client, do not try and string them along, as all you are doing is wasting your time and theirs.

Work Environment for Real Estate Careers

Work environments are hard to predict for real estate agents. As a real estate worker, you typically set your schedule around what your client needs. Real estate workers have the freedom to set their own schedule when it comes to researching homes, which is another reason being self-motivated can be important.

Most client meetings happen on the weekends since work hours are typically not an issue during this time. Some clients may wish to meet later in the weekdays after traditional work hours. As a real estate agent, you should be prepared to work late hours, both with clients and on your own to perform research.

Daily Responsibilities in Real Estate

The most basic responsibilities of a real estate agent include helping clients purchase, sell or rent property. Real estate agents should have a strong working knowledge of the real estate market. The real estate market is constantly changing, so agents should be willing to perform frequent research. Real estate workers are responsible for understanding state and national zoning rules and regulations relating to property as well.

Real estate workers who are not actively researching property or trying to sell a home should be focused on marketing to reach new clients. If no clients are available, agents catch up on the housing market to see what new properties are for sale.

Income and Growth for Real Estate Jobs

Real estate is a high demand job because both businesses and individuals are always looking for property. To grow as a real estate agent, you must build a strong professional network. Your professional network is made up of both your customers and local property sellers. The more deals you make, the stronger your network may be.

This in turn can improve your overall profits. The more clients you help in the year, the more you’ll likely get paid. Once you develop a strong reputation, you might find it easier to reach larger clients. Your profits are a percentage of what the property sells for, so larger projects are preferable for real estate agents.