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sensitive employees

How to Give Constructive Criticism to Sensitive Employees

Not everyone takes criticism well. Some people take criticism personally and get their feelings hurt, others turn defensive and act … Read More

imposter syndrome

What Imposter Syndrome Is and How to Overcome It

Imposter syndrome is a term used to describe those who, despite their achievements and success, are secretly convinced they are … Read More

4-Day Work Week

The Pros and Cons of a 4-Day Work Week

The concept of the four-day work week may seem strange to some, but several businesses have adopted it as everyday … Read More

meal prep

How to Meal Prep for a Week at Work

Meal prep is the term used for cooking and preparing multiple meals for use throughout the week. Employees with busy … Read More

digital marketplace

9 Online Marketplaces for Creative Entrepreneurs

Whether you produce photographs, artwork, crafts or some other product of your creativity for sale, you are not limited to … Read More


How to Find the Perfect Side-Hustle for Your Schedule

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to pursue a project you are passionate about while still working your day … Read More

Want to Be Successful? Become an Ambivert.

The concept of introvert and extrovert personality types is widespread. Most people are familiar with the idea that introverts function … Read More

4 Things You Can Do When Switching Careers

One of the worst feelings is when you think you picked the wrong career path. It may be years after … Read More